We supply weapons, leather goods, horn items, nautical items, armour and all sorts of artefacts for the serious re-enactor for the 14 th C to the 18 th C.

We have also supplied the following, to name but a few:-

- Tower armouries London

- Tower Armouries Leeds

- Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

-Royal Shakespeare Theatre

-The National Trust

- Blenheim Palace

-English Heritage

Plus other museums, County Councils around England for displays etc, Theatre companies, re-enactment societies throughout the world including Australia and USA.

Two J's are a member of the ‘National Market Traders federation'


Daggers, Knives, forks, spoons, prickers, leatherwork. baldricks, carbine slings, bandolier belts, pistol holsters, baldrics, waistbelts, sword hangers, purses, bags, gauntlets, gloves, horn, lanterns,snapsacs, knapsacs, musketry, powder horns, powder measures, primers,spurs,thonging, helmets, gorgets, bevors, pikeheads, polearms, halberd, partizan. bill, belts, horn cups, horn dice, bone dice, buttons, arrowheads. bodkins, swallowtails, broadheads, swords,belly bags, cartridge bags, axes spurs.bandoliers,Medieval. tudor, english civil war, war of the roses, 30 years war. saxon. viking ECWS, SK, LARP,